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What is Touchtab?


Touchtab is a pioneer Philippine brand of promotional/customized sticky notes which has already proven effective and essential in brand recognition, expressing ideas and communicating messages.

How is Touchtab made?


Touchtab sticky notes are created by explicit and imaginative designs using only the finest materials produced using advanced technology and innovative machines.

What can Touchtab do for you?


It helps you Organize, Connect, Create, Communicate, Arrange, Plan, Manage, Inspire, and Remember. Touchtab indeed is the product that offers endless usage.

What can Touchtab do for your brand?


Measured increase in recognition by 39%, increase in interest by 79%. This result from a study conducted in the University of Minnesota for 300 sample respondents. Touchtab sticky notes are highly cost effective as they are optimized medium that offer supreme brand mileage.

How Touchtab optimize your Digital Platform?


Providing you nothing but positive results. Making your advertising platform reach the next level of communication with your target customers. Making any of your marketing efforts be recognized.

Is there any limit for offering Touchtab as a business gift?


Unlimited usage to any company needs. Touchtab sticky notes are appealing, memorable, significant and essential to your recipient.

What can Touchtab do for your existing marketing collaterals?


If your brand benefit from your catalog, magazine ads, direct mail and other innovative marketing thrust, Touchtab are attention grabbing reminders… making your catalogue shopping easier, unforgettable magazine ads, take away reminder for your newspaper ads, and responsive direct mailers. AWESOME!

When is it best to give a Touchtab?


Give a Touchtab anytime that you want your receiver to feel important to you and when you want to be remembered. Events such as seminars, conferences, functions, announcements, anniversaries, product launches and every red calendar date you can think of. Be hassle-free of carrying bulky premiums and make Touchtab as your ultimate giveaway!

What advantage does Touchtab offer?


Superior Quality and Innovation

FREE virtual samples FREE Ruled Lines FREE Set up FREE Screening & Watermarks Up to 40% reduced cost

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